Enterprise Risk Management


In an era of increased regulatory scrutiny, complexity and rapid rate of change, Risk can take many forms across the entity, from the routine to catastrophic; from known to the unknown. In the pursuit of growth in an increasingly global economy, an accelerating rate of change may be the only certainty. New technological and competitive forces; increased regulatory scrutiny and complexity; extended business models; increasing reliance on third-parties – these are but a few examples of areas of accelerating change and complexity confront companies today.

Traecit’s Risk Consulting service can help your organization apply an integrated approach to identifying and assessing business-critical risks, evaluating existing risk management infrastructure elements, and constructing continuous, in-depth ERM processes.

We can help you with:

  1. Identification, Assessment, Analysis and Prioritization of risk
  2. Current State vs. GAP Analysis
  3. Risk Identification and Assessment
  4. Risk Analysis and Evaluation
  5. Risk Reporting
  6. Organization wide Risk framework design, Implementation and reporting
  7. Align Risk strategy with performance