Today’s business environment is increasingly complex. Changes in regulations and the pace of change requires constant review of existing tax structure practised by organsiations. We help you meet your tax compliance, Plannign and advisory needs.

VAT, Service Tax, Excise and Other Indirect Tax

In the current environment, Indirect taxes have become the main stream of revenue for the governments. One of the biggest taxation reforms in India – the Goods and Service Tax (GST) is all set to integrate State Econmies and make it a one market. All the changes in the Indirect Tax regime make tax compliance a complex situtation. We assist you in improving reporting for indirect tax, reducing errors and ensuring compliance.

 Personal Tax

Traecit’s Personal Tax Services offers tax related planning and compliance assistance to individuals in India and North America. We assist individual clients needing a wide range of tax services including tax planning and advise relating to business interests, captial gains etc.

Our tax practise has been meeting in many aspects of tax return preparation by keeping up the ever-changing complex tax code and look for opportunities for you to maximize your deductions and tax credits.

Tax Compliance and reporting

Multi-tax reporting and compliance obligations make tax managemnent and reporting challenging. We help you to design and execute the right strategies that aligns with your business goals.